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Severance Agreements

If you are threatened with being fired or laid off from your employment, I can assist you with the process of negotiating a severance agreement. A Minnesota Severance Package is offered for various reasons, but some of the reasons include:

  1. The Employer has a policy of offering employees a Minnesota Severance Package
  2. The Employee has claims that would give them leverage to negotiate a Severance Package
  3. The Employer wants to obtain a Release for peace of mind to avoid costly litigation
  4. The Employee has an Employment Contract that entitles them to a Severance Package
  5. The Employee falls under a union contract that entitles them to a Severance Package

You should contact an experienced employment attorney to help you review your Minnesota Severance Agreement and Release. Contact Holden Law Firm and ask John Holden to review your Minnesota Severance Package or to determine whether you are eligible for a Minnesota Severance Package. John Holden can review your Severance Agreement and determine whether you have leverage to negotiate further benefits and explain what the Agreement means to you. If you are being threatened with termination or with a performance improvement plan, John Holden can discuss your leverage to negotiate a Minnesota Severance Package.

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