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E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information from an employee's Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to data from U.S. Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration records to confirm employment eligibility to work in the United States. Using E-Verify helps employers to determine the employment eligibility of their […]

Workplace Investigations

Every business, no matter what size, should have an Anti-Harassment/Discrimination policy prohibiting harassment or discrimination in the workplace.  Even an employer of a few employees should have policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination in the workplace.  Larger employers are bound to run into situations which will require addressing complaints of harassment, […]

Conciliation Court Claims

How to file a Conciliation Court Claim: If you have a claim under $10,000.00 and you live in Hennepin County you can file a claim in Hennepin County Conciliation Court. You can find the form on line and download the form. You can also pick up the form at the […]

Ten things to consider when negotiating a Commercial Lease

1. The initial draft of a Commercial Lease will mostly favor the landlord. There is no standard commercial lease form and a there are many opportunities for tenants to negotiate better lease terms to give them some protection. 2. It is important to know the local commercial rental market by […]

What is CAM?

Most commercial retail leases are triple net leases. This means the landlord passes through the Landlord’s expenses to maintain the common areas to the tenants on a pro-rata basis. These expenses generally include real estate taxes, property insurance and CAM. CAM is an acronym for "Common Area Maintenance." It is […]

Legal Services

The Holden Law Firm provides high quality counsel and legal services to business owners, employers, landlords, and tenants. Located in the Twin Cities, The Holden Law Firm helps clients find optimal solutions to business legal issues they face. We advise clients on the best approach to ensure compliance with the law. […]

Forming a Small Business

For the small business owner looking to form a business the best option is to either operate as an LLC or a Minnesota S Corporation. The greatest advantage is that both provide limited liability for the owners, which means that the owners are not personally liable for business debts and […]

Business Registered Agent

Holden Law Firm can assist businesses in making the necessary filings with the Minnesota Secretary of State in order to remain in good standing, preserve liability shields and avoid corporate veil piercing claims, and can assist with annual meeting minutes which record the business activities of the company. Holden Law […]

Learn to Negotiate Anything

"Getting To Yes" by Roger Fisher and William Ury is a powerful and persuasive argument for principled negotiations. Anyone dealing with situations of conflict should read this primer on principled negotiations. The authors have designed a systematic method of negotiating and dealing with conflict. The method of principled negotiation emphasizes […]

Non-Compete Agreements

Non-competes have become commonplace in the workplace and are used to protect the employer's business, confidential information and trade secrets.  In Minnesota, employment non-compete agreements are looked upon with disfavor and are cautiously considered, and carefully scrutinized. However, non-compete agreements are enforceable if they serve a legitimate employer interest and […]

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