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Employment Law for Businesses

Employment Law For Employers:

Employers have serious legal responsibilities to their employees, job applicants and labor force. These rules must be followed in order to avoid problems for their business. From the employer’s point of view, strategic employment law planning should be based on equal parts of prevention and cure. An experienced employment law attorney will show you and your human resources staff how to hire and fire employees in compliance with the law.

Investigating and responding to employee complaints properly is the key to avoiding lawsuits. Holden Law Firm provides investigation services for complex discrimination and harassment complaints by employees. Holden Law Firm conducts timely and objective investigations and provides a thorough investigation report providing information necessary to defend the company against litigation and avoid unnecessary legal costs.

Carefully drafted employee handbooks and/or employment contracts prepared by the Holden Law Firm will define the relationship you have with your employees, letting them know what you expect from them. This type of clarity will prevent many issues from turning into major problems.

We can assist you with:

  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating employment contracts, severance package negotiations, independent contractor agreements and non-competition agreements on behalf of businesses.
  • Counsel businesses on hiring and firing procedures, documenting and disciplining difficult employees.
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiating employment policies and procedures, and Employee Handbooks.
  • Investigating internal EEO Complaints, and assisting in compliance with EEO Laws by conducting workplace investigations. Drafting timely, detailed fact finding reports and identifying potential legal issues uncovered during the course of employee investigations.
  • Advising Employers on employment law compliance such as Title VII, FMLA, ADA, wage and hour laws, equal employment opportunity (EEO), random drug testing, unemployment compensation claims and the Minnesota Human Rights Act.
  • Conducting seminars on hiring and firing practices, coaching and counseling difficult employees.
  • Representing Employers in Unemployment Claims.
  • Dispute Resolution and Litigation.

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